CPA Program

Question: How do I get CPA’s to work with me and reciprocate business?
Answer: Offer a program that allows you the opportunity to get in front of CPA’s?

Question: How many CPA’s can I expect to get in front of?
Answer: In a higher CPA demographic area, it is common to have approximately 20-40 CPA’s attend an event.

Question: What type of event will draw CPA’s?
Answer: A program that offers CPE credits, which all CPA’s need.

Advisors Circle has a program to get you in front of 20-40 CPA’s. 

CPA’s need continuing professional education as you do.  We offer 4 hours of CPE on:

  • The fundamentals of fixed annuities.
  • A review of fixed indexed annuities.
  • The fundamentals of life insurance.
  • Planning applications with life insurance.

Today people are looking to work with a trusted financial professional.  The CPA is typically a trusted professional.  Referrals from CPA’s could enhance your practice.

 You are provided an opportunity to host an event for the goal of working with these CPA’s and their clients.