Facebook Marketing

Through Facebook Marketing, we help Advisors attract, close, and multiply clients.

We accomplish this in 2 ways:

  1. Filling dinner seminars and other events using online advertising including Facebook Advertising, Google, YouTube, and other platforms, and…
  2. Increasing production and client-acquisition by making the producer into a RECOGNIZED ADVISOR. Recognized Advisors are SEEN as “Obvious Experts” through credible, trusted, and well-known media. A Recognized Advisor is seen regularly and often in trustworthy media including ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX, to name a few. Our chief aim is to build the visibility and name recognition of our Advisors in the exact cities they serve. With my proprietary RECOGNIZED ADVISOR process, they get the exposure and name recognition that the big names enjoy without needing a television show or radio program. The credibility and endorsement these channels give the advisor dramatically increases trust and helps to make the sale in advance.

Well, you are aware of how effective the dinner meeting is. You can still pay thousands of dollars for a newspaper ad and hope people register. You can mail $8,000.00 worth of mailings and postage and you get registrations. However, with the advent of online advertising platforms including Facebook, NOW, you can make your invitations to THOUSANDS of folks for FREE, and only pay for those who respond and want more information! How would that change your economics? With online advertising, there is BIG DATA, which means we can speak directly to your most IDEAL CLIENT PROSPECT because the platforms know who they are.

For example, Facebook data is so detailed, we can laser-target by age, income, gender, marital status, home value, type of car they own, credit cards owned, and so much more! Plus, we can show your dinner meeting invitations to them FREE, and only pay couch change for each for those who express interest! That means you don’t pay in advance, just hoping you get a response. Can you imagine how that dramatically reduces the cost of lead acquisition? It’s like mailing the invitations FREE and only paying for the folks who wanted to know more. Dream come true? We would advise to add this to your direct mail strategy and/or your newspaper or display advertising. The dollar-cost-averaging of the combination of media can effectively lower cost-per-attendee and appointment rate.

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