“Rethinking Retirement” Workshops

Advisors Circle has a “turn key” retirement planning workshop titled, “Rethinking Retirement.”  The topics of the workshop are:

  • Social Security

  • IRA and other Tax Traps

  • Multigenerational IRA

  • Long-Term Care

  • Investments

  • Taxes

We believe an attendee has a higher percentage of booking an appointment with you if you have multiple topics in your presentation.  In fact, this can be a selling opportunity for you.  You may consider adding or eliminating a topic based on your practice and the license you hold.

We also offer a workshop set up guide.  As you may know, there are numerous details necessary to conduct a successful workshop.  The guide illustrates our time-tested system in multiple market. Click here and we’ll send you your own copy, no strings attached.  From start to finish, this guide will give you a step-by-step approach to mimic our time-tested system.

Advisors Circle has the entire “Rethinking Retirement” workshop for you to view, once you are appointed with our company.  This presentation is password protected to view at your convenience.  If you have an interest in attending a live presentation with one of our top producers, please contact Advisors Circle.

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